Best Honeymoon Destinations

best honeymoon destinations

A ‘great’ honeymoon is defined, first, by the person you’re traveling with and, second, by the destination you choose. Depending on your couple’s idea of a good time, there are limitless destinations to choose from, both in the US and abroad. It’s entirely possible to plan the perfect honeymoon for you and your spouse on any budget.

Check out the following destinations to see what we mean.


Traditional is the operative word here. When you think of honeymoons, you probably picture couples lying around on the sand, sipping from fancy glasses, holding hands walking down quaint little streets. These destinations certainly offer all the romance that a honeymoon should.

  • Bora Bora – Renowned for world-class, all-inclusive resorts, Bora Bora is a true island paradise in French Polynesia, hidden away in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.
  • Paris – Paris is synonymous with romance. If you can spring for a Paris vacation, then why not??
  • Savannah, Georgia – If your budget won’t stretch to Paris and back, consider cozy little Savannah. You’ll have access to beaches, classic Southern cuisine, and many tour opportunities – from movie tours to ghost hunts!


For a couple that loves adventure, a honeymoon spent in beach chairs and fancy restaurants might not be the ticket. Instead, opt for a destination that allows you to have an outdoor adventure together!

  • Kauai, Hawaii – This lesser known Hawaiian island has multiple hiking trails that will lead honeymooners through bogs, into valleys and alongside breathtaking cliffs. Couples can choose day hikes or camp overnight in paradise.
  • Aspen, Colorado – A classic vacation destination for many Americans, Aspen offers some of the best skiing in the world, combined with luxurious lodges, restaurants and spas.


Some couples want to be entertained every moment of their first wedded vacation. In that case, choose a locale that has built-in entertainment 24 hours a day. You won’t have to search for activities, shows and events in these places!

  • Las Vegas, Nevada – It’s the first place most people think of when they think about a party that never ends. Vegas has casinos and shows that are open around the clock for the just-married couple who thinks sleep is overrated!
  • Nice, France – Specifically, visit here in the winter. Nice is along the famous French Riviera and hosts Carnival Nice, a constant barrage of concerts, events and parades, each year in February.


If you’re looking for something a bit less traditional, you should opt for a destination that is undiscovered. Believe us, there are still some out there! These places have nice hotels and plenty of restaurants to choose from, but you won’t find yourself caught up in a touristy, cookie-cutter vacation.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland – Ancient times meet present-day in this beautiful capital city. Couples are drawn here because of the city’s safety and presence of the Northern Lights from August to April.
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – Known for its array of indigenous wildlife and great weather almost all year long, the Galapagos offer unique experience on land and at sea.