Christmas Trees: How to Find the Perfect Tree


It’s almost Christmas time in San Antonio and you know what they means; it’s time to deck the halls! For many, one of the very first holiday decorations that is put up is the christmas tree. While almost anything in the home could be covered in reds and greens, a large amount of emphasis is always placed on the Christmas tree itself. Before you can begin decorating, you’ll have to narrow down your options between the numerous Christmas trees that are available today. And of course, there are so many things to think about when choosing a tree. Do you want real tree or an artificial tree? Should you buy pre-lit or plain? Take a look at our guide that covers everything Christmas trees.

Christmas Trees: How to Choose

As already mentioned, there are two basic options to choose from to begin your search for the right Christmas tree. Artificial or real? Both have their own unique characteristics and benefits. For starters, with a real tree, you’ll experience that authentic Christmas feeling. You’ll also enjoy the smell of evergreen. But whose to say that you can’t light your favorite evergreen candle and still enjoy an artificial tree? Additionally, with a real tree comes real maintenance and care. It will need to be consistently watered and cared for, and you may notice parts of the tree begin to fall to the ground. With an artificial tree, you get to be maintenance-free, but you can still enjoy the same great appearance you would have with a real tree.

In the end, however, half the fun with choosing a Christmas tree might come from going with family to chop down a tree together.


Yet another factor to consider is size. Of course, you will often be limited by the size of your home. If you have 8 or 9 foot ceilings, your tree must be shorter to fit properly. If height is not an issue, another aspect to consider is how wide the tree is. Do you prefer a skinny tree or a round tree? Before making any of these decisions, you’ll want to measure the size of the area where you plan to place your tree. Be sure to measure the width and the height, and then don’t forget to take a tape measure along when you go to pick out your tree.


If you’ve decided to go with an artificial tree, you’ll have another important decision to make. Pre-lit or plain? And if the tree is pre-lit, will the lights be colored or white? While this may not seem like a huge decision, you’d be surprised by the significance that some place on light color. On the other hand, if you’ve decided to go with a real tree, you’ll still have to choose. Or, you can choose to use no lights at all.

In the end, deciding on the perfect Christmas tree can be a big decision for many families. If you can’t come to a compromise, here’s our best word of advice: get more than one tree.

Happy Holidays, everybody!