Counseling Services in San Antonio


In today’s world, there are many different forms of counseling services available to us—family counseling, marriage counseling, mental health counseling, education counseling, and substance abuse counseling, just name a few. There are also many different reasons why we might seek out counseling services. Whether you’ve suffered a trauma and you can’t stop thinking about it, if you have unexplained and recurrent headaches, stomach-aches or bad anxiety, if you’re using a substance to cope with some kind of pain, if you’re feeling disconnected from family, friends, and activities you once loved, or if your relationships are strained—the list could go on and on. If you’re searching for counseling services in San Antonio, there are many great options to choose from. Before you narrow down your options, let’s go over some of the benefits of counseling.


Counseling can be beneficial to everyone. Despite common misconceptions that it is only for adults who need serious help, counseling can actually be extremely helpful at all stages in life—whether you’re 7 or 70. There are plenty of benefits of counseling during any life stage, and here are just a few reasons why…

First, you may be able to deal with issues when they first arise. Studies have shown that the earlier you seek help, the less time it will take you to recover. Even if your issues arise in your late 40s, seeking treatment immediately can alleviate years of stress and suffering. It’s natural to want to seek help when issues arise. It’s also important to remember that counseling isn’t just for “crazy” people, so don’t minimize your issues or experiences. The purpose of counseling is to help you navigate life’s curve balls.

Secondly, talking it out can help with the ebbs and flows of life. Life has a natural way of ebbing and flowing, meaning there are highs and lows. There are gray days and sunny days, and it’s completely normal to feel this way. Having a professional that is trained to help you, listen to your problems, or help guide you through transitions can be enormously helpful no matter what life stage you are in. Counseling can teach you how to adapt to new life changes and embrace new opportunities.

Lastly, friends and family are helpful, but sometimes you need objective advice. It’s easy to dismiss issues or seek advice from family members or friends, but this can often lead to hurt feelings or unwarranted advice. A professional is capable of giving you confidentiality and non-judgmental acceptance. Things that you might want to disclose can be embarrassing to admit, even to those you trust completely. Your confidant can also be somehow involved in the issue, and therefore might be subjective in his or her opinions. A fresh, unbiased perspective is important when seeking help.


If you believe counseling may be beneficial for you, be sure to check out the many counseling services in San Antonio. One great practice in the San Antonio area is Jennifer See LPC Counseling. Jennifer works together with her clients “on the issues and topics important for [their] own personal change and growth.” She always places the focus on YOU—the client. Jennifer has experience working with many different clients on the topics of Military Transition & Reintegration, Military Family Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions – Divorce, Career, Life Stages & Changes, Couples, Grief & Loss, Caregiver Stress, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Trauma, Teenagers & Tweens, and Substance Use and Abuse.”

While beginning counseling services can often be quite intimidating and nerve-wracking, taking steps towards change is always beneficial. In a recent blog post about “Change,” Jennifer shared the following insight: “We can either fear change, or welcome it.  Sometimes we do both. Some days, the fear takes over. Other times, we thrive and rise up to the challenge. There is no ‘right’ formula for dealing with change, only the one that works for us as individuals. One thing in life is certain: there is constant change, and we need to learn how to manage, accept, and embrace it.”

To learn more, be sure to visit Jennifer See LPC Counseling.