Emme Nailspa: Best Nail Salon in San Antonio


There’s not much that beats a spa treatment. After a long day of working, some time to yourself to relax and rejuvenate your body is well deserved. In a city the size of San Antonio, nail salons are numerous. But don’t be overwhelmed- we found the best one. If you are looking for top-of-the-line treatments along with unbeatable customer service, Emme Nailspa is the place for you. Located in the center of the Eilan, Emme is perfectly situated between two of San Antonio’s most popular shopping spots: the Rim and La Cantera. So when you’re out and about shopping and need a place to unwind, stop in and check it out!

Emme Nailspa prides itself on its special effect nails, which the owner, Deborah Luscomb, imports from London. From mermaid to chrome to glass to marble to jeweled nail effects, Emme has every nail treatment you could imagine. These enhanced nails are not something that many salons can offer. In fact, earlier this month, Kendra Scott hosted an event at Emme and the salon is hoping to become the sole San Antonio carrier of her products in the near future. But even their most basic manicures and pedicures are luxurious, using lotions and oils that Deborah makes herself. Treatments range from these $25 simple manicures which include moisturizing and massaging all the way up to treatments with hot towels, gel polish, special effects, you name it.

Emme Nailspa’s owner, Deborah Luscomb

Deborah Luscomb is a California native who bought the salon a few months ago. She is a licensed aesthetician and, as a longtime customer prior to purchasing the salon, recognized that there was something unique about Emme. “I just fell in love with the place,” she said. “It’s not a traditional salon, it’s much more of a personal experience.” And she’s right. Emme Nailspa puts a lot of effort into its first-class customer service. The employees make a point of talking to and getting to know their customers. Unlike most salons, you won’t find any TVs here. Also unlike most salons, you will find conversation and community.

Speaking of community, Emme loves reaching out to the San Antonio area. They visit local beauty schools and talk to the students about job opportunities. Many of their customers are locals who come back time and time again because they know that Emme can’t be beat. They often rent the salon out to local companies for events. With its gorgeous, classy interior, it’s also ideal for bridal parties. Not to mention that they serve wine.

But unique nails, wonderful employees, and a love for locals isn’t all Emme has to offer. Their treatments reach well beyond manicures and pedicures. They have high quality waxing, hair and eyelash extension services as well. Emme Nailspa recently added Henna tattoos to their long list of services, and they’re looking to add facials as well.

Appointments are recommended for the spa and can be made online, so don’t wait to schedule your visit- it will definitely be worth it. You’ve earned a break, and we highly recommend that you take it at the Eilan’s Emme Nailspa.