Guitar Lessons: Learn Online

guitar lessons

The guitar is an amazing tool, isn’t it? No other musical instrument (not counting a microphone) can elevate a person to the status of legend. You don’t need to have a great voice or be lyrically gifted– all you need to do is transfer your soul onto the wires, so to speak.

Every guitar player has an idea of what his or her music career should look like. Some do it as a form of stress relief, others enjoy playing along their favorite songs, while others yet want to become the next Slash or Jimi Hendrix.

The latter might be a tall order, but everyone with a little talent and a lot of practice can learn to amaze others with their guitar skills. The question is, can an online course teach you this art? Lots of people want to play but can’t afford expensive tutoring, or simply don’t have the time for lessons in person. Learning the ropes on your computer seems convenient… but does it really work? Here are 3 best online guitar courses and an overview of what they really offer.

The age of this website coupled with its popularity means the owners must be doing something right. It started almost two decades ago as a way for people to learn the guitar from the comfort of their own homes. By now, the site has accumulated an astounding 8,000+ video lessons catering to everyone – don’t like the teacher or lesson? Just skip on to the next one. You can be a beginner trying not to break the strings or a seasoned player looking for some new tips – either way, the website can teach you plenty. Its price of $14.95 per month is part of the reason why it’s one of the leaders in the field, and there’s also a 14-day free trial that gives you complete access to everything.

Another online course with a seemingly endless stream of video content, Jamplay is attractive to many because it doesn’t just feature adult lessons – there are courses that help youngsters learn and love the guitar as soon as they can hold it. If you think your child has what it takes to become the next great guitar player, have him or her explore the site while you sit back and listen. With 1000+ hours of lessons taught by certified experts (and around 70 of those experts to choose from), some might feel a bit overwhelmed, but don’t worry – the site groups the lessons fairly intuitively. For $19.95 a month, you aren’t likely to get a better deal.

While the price of $49.95 might seem a bit high, remember that Jamorama isn’t just a website – it’s a software that downloads content on your computer. That means you can stock up on lessons and learn even in the absence of an internet connection (or if the site is experiencing difficulties). Unlike other items on this list, Jamorama is aimed towards beginners and isn’t shy about it – this might be the most beginner-friendly program you can find.