Home and Garden Expos: Find One Near You

home and garden expos

If you’ve spent enough time deciding what improvements you’d like to have done on your home, but aren’t quite sure of where to start, home and garden expos is a great place to get advice and inspiration. These shows are held all over the country, and normally have exhibitors, speakers, workshops, and places to shop. You’ll also usually find giveaways and discounts you won’t receive in your stores at home, so home and garden shows are popular ways to find new products for less.

The greatest advantage to these shows is you can hold products in your hand, walk through demo versions of their structures, see what the paint colors looks like on an actual wall, and even get a chance to learn how to make improvements on your own. If you need a quick and easy way to find a home and garden show near you, or anywhere in the United States, there are plenty of online directories that will help you locate the best one for you.

home and garden expos

Events in America

For a comprehensive listing of all home and garden shows across the country, Events in America is an easy way to quickly find shows during a specific weekend, or in the area you’d like to visit, and includes the number of attendees who visit each year. Although there is information specifically for exhibitors looking to find new customers, there’s also a lot written for visitors who need to make sure the show is right for them. Once you click on the name of the show, you’ll find basic information including dates, hours, ticket prices, and if the show is open to the public. They also list who they believe the show will best benefit, and what type of information you can find at the show. For more information they include the website to the show.

Festival Net

Festival Net has a search feature to find home and garden shows anywhere in the United States, either this year or next. Once you find shows near you that fit your schedule, you can easily see how many people normally attend the show, how many exhibitors there are, and if prizes are given out as well. The handy listings give a short description on the different activities, and if food booths are available, helping to ensure the home and garden show you’re looking into, will meet your expectations. The website does have a pro version available, so if you’re just using it for the listings you’ll need to search the web for the specific home show for more details.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List, the highly popular and reputable business rating website, lists recommendations for upcoming home shows across the country in an easy to read list. They update the list each month or so, listing the shows they will be visiting and encouraging visitors to stop by for freebies, and information to help them find contractors and other home improvement experts.

As you can see, finding the perfect home and garden show can be easy using the websites listed. These listings include information you need to find the best home and garden show for you and your family.