Natural Bridge Caverns: A San Antonio Attraction

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Tucked away beneath the picturesque rolling landscape of the Texas Hill Country are thousands of caves and caverns. Every year, intrepid cave lovers make the trip here to walk, crawl, and swing through the state’s “show caves,” so called because they’ve been equipped with walkways and dramatic lighting to help “show off” their most breathtaking features. One of the most popular caverns in the state of Texas is Natural Bridge Caverns located in just 30 miles north of San Antonio.

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Natural Bridge Caverns

According to the official Natural Bridge Caverns website, Natural Bridge is a “premier natural attraction—where you’ll find adventure and fun around every bend. Like on the Discovery Tour, where you’ll see massive, otherworldly formations formed by single drops of water and the slow passage of time. Or, explore our Hidden Passages Tour, where shadows dance over delicate formations and mystery awaits in every shadow. Take to the skies high above Texas, as you ascend the Canopy Challenge, or for a true test, try tackling one of our adventure tours. Experience a sense of discovery finding your way through our AMAZEn’ Ranch Roundup, a 5,000 square foot outdoor maze.”

“And if you want some good old-fashioned fun, look no further than the Mining Company, where you mine and pan for gems, fossils and other treasures. Whether you are a first time visitor, an avid caver or someone in between, Natural Bridge Caverns awaits with a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget.”


Natural Bridge Caverns offers a wide variety of tour experiences for explorers of all ages. Take a look below to learn more about some of the most popular tour options.

Discovery Tour

“It’s the original and Natural Bridge Caverns’ most popular tour, the Discovery Tour introduces you to an underground world of natural beauty and amazement. Travel through a half-mile of the largest and most spectacular show cavern in Texas. You’ll walk 180 feet below the ground, while listening to our knowledgeable tour guide. See awe-inspiring, ancient formations centuries in the making and still growing today, such as amazing stalagmites, stalactites, flowstones, chandeliers and soda straws. Take pictures along the way because this is one walk through time that you will never want to forget.”

Time: 75min
Distance: 3/4 mile

Hidden Passages Tour

“Natural Bridge Caverns has two world class caves for you to explore. On the Hidden Passages Tour, light and darkness combine to enhance your exploration of huge underground chambers decorated with some of our most rare and delicate formations. The Hidden Passages are highly decorated with unusually long ‘soda straw’ stalactites, waves of ‘cave ribbon’ and a profusion of intriguing ‘welt and turnip shields.’ Another unique experience only offered on this tour occurs when all the lights are turned off and you experience total darkness. You haven’t seen all of Natural Bridge Caverns until you have experienced the Hidden Passages. Tours leave every 40 minutes and take approximately 70 minutes.”

Time: 70min
Distance: 1/3 mile

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Photo credit: Bendini via / CC BY-NC-ND

Lantern Tour

“The first tour of the day. Explore the Natural Bridge Cavern’s Discovery Passages illuminated only by the light of your cave lantern. Travel down the winding passages of this San Antonio attraction. Be amazed how the incredible and rare formations of the cavern reveal themselves in room after dazzling room. Towering stone monuments. Glistening, delicate soda straws. Waves of colorful cave ribbons. You’ll feel like you’re one of the first people to experience Texas’ largest and most spectacular underground cavern.

Time: 75min
Distance: 3/4 mile

*Information Courtesy of Natural Bridge Caverns.

Additional Information & Pricing

To find out more about all the tours and experiences offered at Natural Bridge Caverns, visit their website. You can also find information on hours, pricing, and directions.