How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day in San Antonio

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With less than a month until Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. A memorable Valentine’s Day often requires some advanced planning: making dinner reservations, shopping for the perfect gift, planning out a surprise, and doing everything you can to give your special someone a romantic and enjoyable evening. If you’ll be in the San Antonio area on February 14, you’re in luck. Here at the San Antonio Daily Sun, we have put together a list of some of the best restaurants, activities, and gift ideas for your ideal Valentine’s Day date night.

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Romantic Restaurants & Homemade Meals

A romantic dinner is always a key ingredient to any successful Valentine’s Day. Here in San Antonio, there are plenty beautiful locations you can choose from to celebrate, including multiple spots along our infamous River Walk. While were going to touch on a few of our favorite restaurants for a nice, quiet evening to celebrate your love, we’ll also show you some of our favorite home-cooked meals for those of you who would rather have a romantic evening at home. First, let’s check out a couple of the best restaurants in San Antonio to spend your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Bella on the River: Known for being local and independently-owned, Bella on the River features Southern European, mainly Mediterranean, cuisine. According to owners, their “small, intimate dining room and wine bar is a unique and special place. It’s literally like walking up, off the River Walk into a small Spanish bistro or Italian grotto with natural limestone rock walls, candle-lit tables, and a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.”

Sound romantic? We sure think so. If Bella on the River sounds like the perfect intimate setting for your Valentine’s Day meal, visit their website to make a reservation. Bella on the River is located at 106 River Walk, San Antonio, Texas, 78205.

Biga on the Banks: Another staple along the River Walk, Biga on the Banks offers a new American style of cuisine. In February of last year, Texas Monthly named Biga on the Banks as one of their “Best in Town,” reviewing that, “The restaurant rides serenely above the competition with its classy dining room, polished service, and above all, superb kitchen. From the appetizers to the main courses, the food is extraordinary.”

To make reservations, call 210-225-0722 or visit Biga on the Banks online. Biga on the Banks is located at 203 S. St. Mary’s Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205.

Luce Ristorante e Enoteca: Our third and final pick takes us away from the River Walk to North Central San Antonio for true authentic Italian cuisine. Crafted by Neapolitan owner and chef Joe Buonincontri, the menu is made up of “many Buonincontri family recipes and recipes brought back from travel to Italy. Fresh fish, meats and produce expound throughout Luce’s offerings and a focus on the finest ingredients are what make Luce special.”

If you’re ready to enjoy some genuine Italian-style cooking, along with some delicious wine, Luce might just be the place for you and your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Visit Luce San Antonio to make a reservation. Luce Ristorante e Enoteca is located at 11255 Huebner Rd. #200, San Antonio, Texas 78230.

For additional restuarants and bars to spend your evening, or just a great place to grab a cocktail after dinner, check out The Best Local Cocktail Bars in San Antonio.

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For those of you who would rather stay in and create your own homemade Valentine’s Day dinner, we’ve compiled a few menus that might do the trick. Check out these recipes, and don’t be afraid to combine your favorite dishes from each to create your own custom Valentine’s Day menu.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for that Special Someone

Nothing pairs better with a romantic dinner than a thoughtful gift (and a nice glass of wine, of course). After you have your dinner plans all squared away, it’s time to focus on the other details for spoiling your valentine. From your stereotypical Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolate, to tickets to a concert, a trip to the spa for a couples massage, and more, we’ve covered it all and included some additional helpful tips.

Tickets to the For King & Country Concert, San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

As we recently covered in San Antonio’s 2017 Upcoming Concerts List feature, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is back in town from February 9 through February 25. And for all of you out there trying to figure out plans for Valentine’s Day, there are live concerts every night beginning on 9th, including a Valentine’s Day concert on the 14th featuring the band, For King & Country. The music starts at 7pm, and it’s a good idea to get tickets in advance.

To find out more and purchase tickets, visit the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.

Couples Massage

Every couple could always use a little time for some relaxation. And what better way to relax together than with a couples massage? Here are a few places around San Antonio that offer couples massages as well as additional spa services:

Don’t forget to check out Groupon for special Valentine’s Day deals for couples massages in the San Antonio area.

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The Old Go-To: Flowers, Chocolate, and a Teddy Bear

Last but certainly not least, we have the old go-to: flowers, chocolate, and a teddy bear. While it may seem cliché and a tad uncreative, this gift is a Valentine’s Day tradition that is bound to put a smile on your special someone’s face. If you want to spice up this old tradition, consider forgoing the store-bought chocolate and making some of your own chocolate covered strawberries and other dipped fruits. As far as the flowers and the teddy bear go, here’s a few local San Antonio florists who may be able to help you find the perfect bouquet:

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