Planning an Amtrak Trip Across Texas


There’s no reason to go far-out to have a nice vacation: for example, a trip through Texas can be filled with amazing sights and encounters while still making you feel as if you never left your neighborhood. If you’re going on a Texas-wide expedition, Amtrak trains will probably be the best way to get from one place to another. The tickets are fairly cheap, the trains are modern, and the rides are swift yet laid-back enough to let you enjoy the Lone Star State’s scenery in all its glory.

You probably won’t have to spend too much time packing your luggage – trains let you carry a lot, and you’ll easily be able to purchase whatever you’re missing in any part of the state. Figuring out how to cover everything in one trip might be difficult, though – for a single state, Texas has an astounding amount of places to see. Here are some events, buildings and zones you can’t afford to miss on your Amtrak trip.


The Millennium Park in Chicago

A city famous for its industrial prowess, Chicago still manages to surprise with its many different natural areas that will make you want to bust out a picnic blanket. Millenium Park is one such place – free entry to one of the nicest parks in all of the U.S. seems like a pretty good deal. When you’re not admiring the nature enriching the Park, you’ll be admiring the various artistic sculptures and architectural ingenuities it boasts.

A San Antonio Spurs game in San Antonio

Like basketball or not, there’s one thing you can’t deny: the players stay active. If you’re visiting San Antonio, you should have no trouble matching your visit to a Spurs game – they play several times per week during every season. Seeing San Antonio’s iconic basketball team in action will definitely be a worthwhile experience even if you’re not all that into the sport – considering they were the NBA champions as late as 2014, there’s a pretty good chance the game won’t lack in excitement, too.

The State Capitol in Austin

Since Austin is home to the state’s imposing Capitol building, you’ll probably want to visit it during your trip. In fact, a plain visit just won’t do – aim to get in on one of the many tours of the city and its Capitol that are organized daily. You can get a complete small-group tour of Austin for less than $30, but if you really want to treat yourself, make sure to go for a Segway tour of the Capitol itself – you’ll pay a bit more, but the ride will be worth every penny.

The Symphony Center in Dallas

Dallas’ Morton H. Meyer Symphony Center is one of the most popular structures of this type in the country – day in and day out, the virtuosos there will work hard to deliver the best music humanity can produce. You can opt to have a tour of the place or purchase a seat during one of the concerts – needless to say, the latter option will be far more memorable if you can manage it via an Amtrak train.