Wedding Planning Tips in San Antonio

wedding planning

While some look forward to weddings without worrying for a moment, others are quite concerned with the logistics of the whole thing. Few events in our lives get as big as weddings, and they can seem especially scary considering we’re at the center of it all. Detailed wedding planning is extremely important to ensure everything goes smoothly – if it wasn’t, ‘wedding planner’ wouldn’t be a choice of profession for many. You won’t need to pay big bucks for a pro planner, however – here are some tips to plan out your wedding perfectly.

A great wedding is one that both you and your significant other enjoy. Two people will usually have distinctly different visions of how their perfect wedding should look like, no matter how much they love each other. The trick is to find a perfect middle ground by combining the best of both worlds. Finding that perfect combination will also help showcase the strength of your bond and will set a great precedent for the future.

wedding planning


Weddings are just as expensive as they are big. If you’re not going for a four-person in-office non-ceremony, chances are you’ll have quite a few expenses to deal with. It’s true that marrying the person you love is no occasion to get stingy, but there’s another point of view to consider: going into debt over a wedding might make marital life uncomfortable. Remember that there’s a whole lifetime to spend together after the big day – saving a little money during your wedding planning might make things much easier later on.


If you’re like most people, you probably want everyone you’ve ever known in attendance, witnessing the glorious moment when you and your spouse join hands in marriage. But why? In reality, you don’t need anyone other than the people closest to you. That includes families of both you and your spouse, mutual friends and a select few closest friends of each. Anyone else should have to contend with merely hearing how great the wedding was. Not to mention, a smaller attendance will reduce the costs accordingly.

Enjoy Yourself

While you should plan each step of the wedding, this doesn’t mean you should freak out if things don’t go exactly as planned. Like everything in life, a wedding is best if you leave some room for unpredictability, and welcome unplanned situations by handling them with grace. There’s no easier way to ruin a wedding than by trying to strictly adhere to a fantasy vision. You and your spouse getting married is what’s important – let everything else unravel as it has to.


Don’t forget that honeymoon! For some reason, the honeymoon often gets left out of the wedding planning timeline. As you’re planning a wedding budget, make sure to also include what will probably be an expensive trip afterwards. While the wedding is the big day, the honeymoon will be just as epic, and you’ll have an easier time making it such if you saved a little money on your ceremony. In fact, if you’re working on a budget, it’s probably a great idea to prioritize resources for the honeymoon rather than the ceremony itself – as the years go by, you and your spouse will actually end up reminiscing the former more than the latter.